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ATM Withdrawal Fee (No fee for CSB ATM) $1.00
Replacement Visa Check Card $10.00
Change Card PIN Number $1.00
Temporary Counter Checks (each) $0.50
Cashier Checks $3.00
Money Orders $1.50
Charge Back Fee (per item) $2.00
Overdraft Fee $25.00
Returned Item Fee $25.00
Special Statement Cutoff $10.00
Account Research- Image (per hour) $20.00
Account Research- Microfilm (per hour) $40.00
Account Research (per copy) $1.00
Account Balancing Assistance (per hour) $20.00
Stop Payment (all debits per item) $20.00
Closing Account within first 90 days $25.00
Self Service Photocopies $0.25
Wire Transfers $15.00
Wire Transfers (non customers) $20.00
International Wires $50.00
Non encoded Deposit Slip Fee $0.50
Deposit Lock Bag $30.00
Night Depository Key Deposit $5.00
Zipper Bag $5.00
Collections $10.00
Garnishments, DHS, and Tax Levies $20.00
Fax Fee $5.00
Fax Fee (per copy after first page) $1.00
Loose Coin Counting Fee (no fee for CSB account holders) 10% of coin total
Image of Check $1.00
Snapshot of Statement $2.00
Copy of IMAGE Statement (per statement) $3.00
Copy of IMAGE Statement with check images (per statement) $5.00
Savings Withdraw Charge per item (in excess of 3 per quarter) $2.00
Savings Service Charge if balance below $100 (per quarter) $3.00